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Effective SMO Rules

Here are five effective Social Media Optimisation (SMO) rules that you can implement immediately when preparing your content for future social media campaigns:

MAKE YOUR SITE LINKABLE - also known as increasing your linkability, make it easy for outside parties and social media sites to link to your content. This can be done in a variety of ways, the easiest being to establish a blog on your site. If blogs aren't your thing, maintaining free white papers, content-rich articles and resource pages that contain lots of useful links in one place, are great ways of increasing the linkable nature of your website.

MAKE BOOKMARKING & TAGGING EASY - adding bookmarking buttons has been around for awhile. Go beyond this, though, by including a "delicious this" text link at the bottom of a post, and a Digg button near the top of the article. This format has been shown to be the most effective for generating votes for your content.

START PARTICIPATING TODAY - join the conversation on your site or in your site niche today. Start blogging on your own or make it a point to visit leading forums that target your audience and join the discussion . Answer some questions, provide some needed advice, and drop some "buzz" about your site at the same time; you won't be sorry.

REWARD HELPFUL USERS - helpful or valuable users to your site that contribute noticeably to the site's content and audience should be recognized and rewarded. This can take the form of a simple PM thank-you or a note on the forums themselves. The result of this is two-fold: you keep these valuable community members on your site, and you gain vocal champions of your site to outside members and sites they in turn visit.

REWARD INBOUND SITE LINKS - obviously the more inbound links your blog and site can generate, the better. This is still the singular method by which a site rises in the search rankings. Reward linking sites by providing them a permalink to use and listing them on your site in return. This simple act of acknowledgment provides the return gift of visibility and is never a bad thing.

The role of social media promotion to drive content is a continually expanding field. Even an examination of the main sites referenced above doesn't begin to cover the viral social content impact of such popular social media mechanisms as YouTube videos or Flickr photo slides and galleries.

If planned and implemented correctly, social media promotion can be invaluable. The site visitor is in command, so why not start building a relationship with them, even if it's on their terms?