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SEO Link Building

A link may simply be a clickable address for you, which transports you directly to a particular page. However in the eyes of the search engine, a link is a potential vote or a testimonial in support of your website.

A search engine finds out about your website, following a link of your website, placed on some other online avenue. How a search engine does this is through special bots or spiders, which are in constant locomotion throughout the web, and visit various links. This is the significance of a link.

On being found by a search engine, each of the pages of a particular website are tested upon based upon a few set criteria, which then rates these pages in succession. Such a ranking process is performed through a suitable computer code known as an algorithm, which makes use of off site as well as onsite data collected by these robots. All this data is assimilated an analysed to give a suitable score or a page rank to your page. A higher ranked website d the one which appears first on the search results, pertaining to a set of keywords.

If a search engines comes across two or more websites with comparable content, the one which possess the best links is the one which assumes a higher position in the search results.

The following are the major considerations, which the search engine uses to rank or rate a particular website.

  • The overall reputation of those websites which link on to your website.
  • The content which features on these various linking websites, as well as their relevance.
  • The words within which your website’s link features, popularly known as anchor text.

In order to provide for these, we have assimilated over 3000 websites from different domains as well as backgrounds, which would most willingly include a back link to your website. We employ a set of these websites which hold relevance to the theme of your website, for the inbound SEO link building campaign we perform for you. Apart from this, we have a highly competent and accomplished research team, which identifies potential buyers as well as stake holders to your website, which could potentially provide you with an inbound link. Such exchanges of links complement our dedicated efforts of inbound linking of your website. The next step we follow is to contact these websites and hands submit the links via various means. All in all, we do all this with great patience and persistence, which is a key to efficient inbound SEO link building.

You may find many boastful companies making promises about guaranteeing you a page one slot within a short period of time. These claims are absolutely bogus as well as unethical. This is because often when too many links are submitted together, there is a chance of the Search engine over looking these links, and blacklisting your website altogether. Any kind of “ black hat “ inbound SEO link building efforts too go in vain, as the team of software geniuses employed by the search engines are masters of the trade and can not be fooled easily. So refrain from doing so, or else a blacklisting from Google,Bing, MSN, Yahoo, etc. is just round the corner.