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Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Do you have a website ? If yes you must certainly be looking for the ways through which you can gather traffic to your website.

If this is the case there are plenty of ways through which you can accomplish this. Among those the two ways through which you can attract traffic to your website is by organic search engine optimisation that is SEO or SEM such as Google adwords advertising but this requires a lot of money and so you need to determine a budget for it.

Do you know how Google adwords work? Every time the user types the keywords related to your site on the search engine like Google your three lines advertisements are displayed on the column of search engine page in this way you can use Google adwords for advertisements.

These displaying of your advertisements raise the chances of gathering more traffic as these ads directly lead the users to your site. In this case you as an advertiser will have to pay a fee to search engine like Google for every click you get on your ad, this is like pay per click ads. This requires a lot of money but incase if you are not willing to spend too much you can go for organic Search Engine Optimization process (also know as organic SEO).

For this you only need to set major keywords and use them in proper proportionate in your website. Through this you will be able to get higher ranking in search engine and so search engine optimization is considered o be a great way for marketing your website.

The website content is very important this is because the visitors are not interested in the web pages that are filled with graphics and flooded with keywords. Therefore the organic Search Engine Optimization professionals always pay attention to the content of the website. If you are genuinely interested in bring traffic to your website, then your websites should have a distinct and quality content as this will enable you to bring repeated visitors to your site which in turn will help to raise your site ranking. Another way through which you can perform organic Search Engine Optimization is by linking to other websites that are related to your site.

This method of organic Search Engine Optimisation helps to link up hundreds and thousands of website to each other and exchange links. This also helps in getting higher ranking and it may also be in the first page of the search results as search engine spider’s track out these links. So get started with it today!

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