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Code of Ethics


At Bruntech we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients .  We do this by developing long term relationships and partnerships with clients and associates, with the view to broader benefits to society arising from our work and collaborative partnerships.

We are vigilant  and continually ensuring that our actions and the way we carry on business is in accordance with this Code of Ethics, our Core Values and our Corporate Citizenship & Social Responsibility statement. We encourage and have the expectation that our partners foster and practice the same or similar values. 

We abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  • We shall exercise integrity, honesty and diligence in carrying out our professional duties and responsibilities.
  • We shall be mindful at all times of our responsibilities as professionals toward the community at large.
  • We shall safeguard the interests of our partners; we shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal or unethical activity.
  • We shall not enter into any agreement, nor undertake any activity, which may be in conflict  or give the appearance of conflict within our core values or the legitimate interest of our partners, or which would prejudice our capacity to perform our professional duties.
  • We shall protect any confidential information obtained in the performance of our duties, and shall not use such information for personal gain nor in a manner which would be detrimental to our partners, associates or any other party.
  • We shall continually ensure the currency of the knowledge, skills and technical competencies required to perform our professional activities.
  • We shall refrain from conduct or actions which would detract from the reputation of the practice of Bruntech IT Services as a whole or that of our partners, associates or any other party.

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